About this Blog

Welcome to my blog. By day, I’m the Fund Manager for the Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund, a strategic fund of funds that supercharges corporate innovation through venture capital and emerging startup technologies. I am also a champion of Cincinnati and the midwest-based startup world. At all other times, I’m a mom, wife, friend, and advocate for the venture industry.

This blog is focused on venture capital, corporate growth, and driving returns in the wild and crazy world of innovation. Having worked with >100 corporations, talked to >600 venture managers, and working with countless startups, I want to discuss new concepts and challenges among LPs in the venture capital industry as well as progress and roadblocks within corporate innovation.

Please reach out, leave a comment, and provide your own experience and perspective.

We get better together.

*Note: the content and comments on this website do not necessarily represent the thoughts and comments of Cintrifuse.

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